Medical Insurance Billing Specialists

LPL Medical Billing started in 1994 as a billing service focused on the unique needs of mental health providers. LPL has worked to assist providers in collecting the revenue they have earned in a timely manner. The need for our service developed from the ever increasing complexity and difficulty associated with psychiatric billing and the managed care system. LPL relieves providers of time-consuming administrative and personnel issues so they can devote more time to their practices.

The LPL Medical Billing Services difference?

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    LPL Medical Billing Services exclusively supports Psychiatric or Behavioral Health Practices.

  • LPL Medical Billing Services has experience assisting offices with 5 – 5000 patients.
  • LPL Medical Billing Services verifies mental health benefits for each patient (outpatient and inpatient services).
  • LPL Medical Billing Services obtains all co-payments and deductibles.
  • LPL Medical Billing Services obtains authorizations and keeps track of all visits for each patient.
  • LPL Medical Billing Services does the follow up on all claims.
  • LPL Medical Billing Services pays for itself through reduced “in-house” time and money.



Lachee P. Lewis  is the principal and founder of LPL Medical Billing. She formerly consulted with a practice management software company where she provided technical support to over 100 physicians’ offices in the mid-Atlantic states.  Prior to this position she managed a psychiatric practice for ten years. For LPL, Lachee coordinates and manages the implementation and initial practice set-up.  She trains the office staff and provider in the use of our system and services. She is experienced and qualified in evaluating your current office procedures and develop a plan to help improve efficiency and functionality in your office. Lachee has a degree in Business and Economics from Boston University, Boston, MA.

Katie R.  is operations manager to LPL Medical Billing. A former nursing home administrator, Katie has a BA in health care management from the University of Maryland. He manages the day-to-day operations, including the computer systems and accounting for the company.

Leah  joined LPL Medical Billing in 2000 as a Reimbursement Specialist/Senior Account Manager. She oversees the billing for multi-specialty and hospital groups, servicing accounts throughout the United States. Her no-nonsense approach to dealing with difficult insurance companies has served her clients well over the past 7 years.